Beside Issue 14 - Movement

Beside Issue 14 - Movement

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Beside is an independent magazine at the crossroads of nature and culture featuring personal essays, stories from the field, and ideas—new and old—for better ways to live in the world.

From the BESIDE team on Issue 14 – Movement:

"What do rock skipping, pigeon racing, and van-dwelling have in common? All are expressions of movement, with surprising lessons to teach us.

In the new issue of BESIDE, we explore different facets of how we move: down rivers and across borders, with our ancestors and in our communities, past prejudices and toward joy."


  • Mackenzie Yeates, cofounder of KOTN
  • Gabrielle Anctil, journalist
  • Landon Speers, photographer
  • Sarah Khilaji, spoken word artist
  • Stacey Désilier, dancer & choreographer
  • Simon Coutu, journalist
  • Illyanna Maisonet, chef & journalist
  • Guillaume Rivest, adventurer & storyteller